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The Heart of Sicily
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Beaches and Beach Clubs

Immerse yourself in the enchanted charm of the eastern Sicilian coast

In Sicily, beauty takes the form of crystal-clear waters sparkling under azure skies, and beaches with iridescent tones and promontories overlooking the sea. The beaches near the hotel, besides being enchanting, are easily accessible, some within walking distance, others by bicycle or with our free shuttle.

Plemmirio Marine Protected Area

The Plemmirio Reserve is a spectacle that is difficult to describe. Rich in a wide variety of flora and fauna, and a crossroads for the passage of Carthaginian, Roman, and Greek ships, this area offers stunning beaches accessible through numbered access points – the closest to us is only 800 metres away! – cliffs overlooking the sea, walking paths, and numerous caves.

Arenella Beach

This vast expanse of golden sand stretches along a bay that culminates in a picturesque rocky promontory. Arenella Beach is perfect for those who love the tranquillity of the free beach and for those who desire the comforts offered by exclusive beach clubs and bars. A paradise that satisfies every desire and is located a short distance from the hotel.

La Pillirina Beach

Punta Mola, more commonly called La Pillirina due to a romantic legend, is one of the most beautiful bays in the Plemmirio Reserve. Characterised by wild coves lapped by crystal-clear waters, this area is also rich in historical traces, including bunkers, ruins, and ancient Greek tombs in the surrounding areas.

Fontane Bianche Beach

Named after the numerous freshwater springs on the seabed and its white-coloured sand, Fontane Bianche is a perfect beach for families because it slopes gently and offers clear and safe waters. It is also ideal for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity.

Punta del Pero Beach

Hidden by a small promontory that separates it from the road, this intimate and secluded beach offers a magnificent view of the Ortigia skyline and sandy beaches sheltered by lush vegetation, transparent sea, and peaceful atmosphere.

Playa Carratois, San Lorenzo, and Marzamemi

Within an hour’s drive, you’ll find some of the most beloved beaches by Sicilians: Playa Carratois, a beach with entertainment and DJ sets where you can witness incredible sunsetsSan Lorenzo Beach, characterised by a wide expanse of light sand with small coves, and the famous fishing village of Marzamemi with its small beach of fine golden sand bordered by rocky walls.

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Not just the beach: choosing our 5-star hotel in Syracuse catapults you into a world of culture, passion, and fun.