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The Heart of Sicily
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Wellness & Relax

Beauty Centre

Balance and harmony for body and mind

In our Beauty Centre, amidst intimate and elegant atmospheres, we celebrate beauty and turn relaxation into a true art. Explore our luxury haven, where each treatment is designed to awaken the senses, rejuvenate the body, and reconnect the mind and spirit.


If you enjoy massages, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Hot stone massage, candle massage, indulgent chocolate or honey massages, lymphatic drainage, decontracting, Ayurvedic, revitalising, and much more. Personalise your experience by enveloping yourself in tailor-made well-being, and don’t miss the Shirodara massage – you’ll fall in love with it!

Facial Treatments

With the presence of an aesthetic doctor in our Beauty Centre, we customise your beauty journey with tailor-made corrective solutions and specific facial treatments, such as biostimulation and biostructuring, peeling, mesobotox, radiofrequency, photorejuvenation, spot treatment, fillers, botulinum toxin treatments, and cutting-edge cures.

The uniqueness of the Shirodara massage

A jewel of ancient Ayurvedic tradition, this massage offers a unique sensory experience with a constant flow of warm and aromatic oil on the forehead, near the “third eye.” A holistic ritual to balance the doshas, free the mind, and immerse yourself in a deep state of tranquillity and relaxation.

Body Treatments

Just like the face, the body has ample space in the treatments we offer. Let yourself be captivated by aromatic milk and honey baths, exotic or fruit-based, relaxation rituals that will leave your skin smooth and your heart light. Or treat yourself to scrubs and muds, perfect for regenerating the body and ideal to combine with the Vichy shower, which massages you through controlled water jets.

More Beautiful and Happier with Traditional Aesthetics

Our Beauty Experts are waiting to pamper you with traditional aesthetic treatments such as facial and body hair removal, relaxing manicures and pedicures, and fabulous nail reconstructions, including nail art. Because you can always take care of yourself and feel comfortable on every occasion.

Perfect Tan All Year Round

Dreaming of a seasonless tan? Thanks to our comfortable and modern low-intensity UV bed, you can turn your desire into reality, flaunting a radiant complexion and a perfect tan every day of the year.

Hair Care and Styling

In our beauty area, a dedicated service for hair couldn’t be missing! Trust the skilled hands of our hair stylists, indulge yourself with treatments and hairstyles that reflect your authenticity, and get ready to transform your locks into a masterpiece of style!

Bring Excellence Home

All the products we use in the SPA are natural and free of parabens, mineral oils, vaseline, paraffin, dyes, PEG, and polysorbates. If you liked them and want to use them for your beauty rituals at home, you can purchase them and extend the well-being even after your vacation is over.